The Leo - Green & White Abstract

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I called the first body of this dress that I released the Leo because it was leopard but I’m going to have to call all of this style the Leo because I need it embedded in your brain. And we have black, leopard (almost sold out) and green/white coming later this week! Y’all. HOLY CAMOLY! This bodice is PHENOM. I mean, shut upppppp! My waist! I was a round lil ball till I slid this mammajamma on! My waist is SNATCHED to Jesus! You can open or close the chest area to your preference. Both ways in one night depending on what you’re into! If you want a dress that will turn some heads, This. Is. It! Its like spanx under your dress! 
I’m in a small! The waist is super stretchy but totally keeps me tucked in. It has a small skirt under to protect your lady bits from making an entrance. Plus girls stick with the large or if you are parshaped in a size 14 it up and get the large my hips are 43 inches around & the small was perfect for me so let that be your guide. The entire dress is stretchy all over! Yassss hunnayyyyy! Get it and prepare to snap some 🔥🔥🔥 selfies!! If you size up, it won't be too big! You just wont utilize all of the stretch!! 

100% stretchy and hot mama approved! 


The Leo - Green & White Abstract

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