Slim Down Top - Dark Olive

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Y'all are going to LOVE this top! It is by far, one of THE MOST flattering tops we have ever carried! The structure truly looks great on EVERY shape! So many of my friends called after they got their box (the black one was in the BOXED by Becka) and they were IN LOVE! The material is super stretchy and the arms and body are the perfect length. It is so so slimming, even on my really curvy friends! It hits all of us in the perfect spot, never touching your belly, simply pulling you in where it should! 

Im a 38D bra today, in the small. I have plenty of room and am barely using the stretch! 

Go with your typical size or feel free to size up or down one. You will barely notice a difference and will either use the stretch or you won't! 


Slim Down Top - Dark Olive
Slim Down Top - Dark Olive

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