The Tammy Moissanite Key Pendant Necklace

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  • Chain length: 16 in

Extension chain length: 2 in

Moissanite: 0.5 carat

Primary Stone
Number of Stones:
Carat Weight equivalence:
Color: Colorless (D)
Cut Grade: Excellent
Clarity: VVS1
Stone Shape:
Stone Color: Diamond White
Stone Type : Moissanite

Setting Information
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

How are moissanites sized?

Unlike diamonds, moissanite are sized in millimeters. Why is that? Moissanites are measured as such because they weigh less than an actual diamond. There is about a 15%-18% weight difference between both of the stones.

So how will this affect my purchase?

Moissanites are priced based on their measurements. No matter the weight of the stone, they are sold strictly on the measurements. The moissanite stones may measure different in weight but will measure close or the same in diameter.

Do carats still apply to moissanites?

We’re not trying to trick you but this is a yes and no answer. Let us explain!

All stones have a carat weight, but are sold in different ways. Moissanites are sold by their calibrated size, not by their weight. On the other hand, diamonds are sold by their carat weight. Seems simple enough, right?! We refer to the sizing in "carats" to give you the most familiar sizing comparison. To be clear, the is truly no carat sizing with moissanite but all of our stones are within .25 "carats" of what would typically be the size of that carat weight.

For a better understanding, there are conversion charts to show how both the weights and sizes compare between the two.

How do mm and carat sizing compare?

Different gemstones will have different weight translations and different styles of cuts with the same diameter measurements will weigh different. A good example is a 7.5mm cushion moissanite; it is the rough weight equivalent of a 2-carat cushion cut diamond. On the other hand, a 7.5mm round moissanite is equivalent to 1.50 carat round cut diamond.

Every Moissanite is hand selected by our experts for quality and beauty. All of our Moissanite stones over .3 carat equivalents are certified by the Gemological Research Association (GRA) and come with a unique certification code and a GRA Moissanite Grading Report.


What is Moissanite? Moissanite is an exceptional mix of master craftsmanship and science. In fact, they are created of the same material as natural diamonds which were formed in the earth billions of years ago. First discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for Chemistry. He discovered microscopic particles of the gem that would eventually bear his name, in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. It is literally made from the stars. After many years of trial and error, the particles Moissan discovered were successfully synthesized to produce what is now one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones that are almost identical.

 The extremely rare availability of this gem, found only in upper mantle rocks and meteorites, caused much speculation. It eventually led scientists to find a way to synthetically create it using particles of naturally occurring moissanites. Currently, all moissanites are grown in sophisticated laboratories. Due to this, they have minimal impact on the environment which makes them an ethical and eco-friendly option.

Optically and physically a moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond, and other popular gems such as sapphires and rubies. It also has a dispersion of 0.104, which exceeds all other gemstones. So you can expect any jewelry adorned with moissanites to exude unrivalled fire and sparkle.

Moissanite is extremely clear, sparkly, virtually flawless - all at a very reasonable price. It is superior to diamonds in terms of brilliance and sparkle and is the second-hardest gemstone in the world. This makes it perfectly durable for everyday wear and can be passed down through generations.

Any single stone over 0.3 carats will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, detailing its "4 Cs" - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, as well as a limited warranty with the Gemological Research Association (GRA). 

Our Moissanite rings will test as a diamond on a gem tester. 

All Moissanite pieces are custom made and can take up to 15 business days to receive. 

What makes our Moissanite so special?

Our Moissanite Passes the Diamond Test

You can buy a Diamond Selector II and try yourself, or with the help of any local jeweler, and if it doesn’t pass the test, we are committed to giving you a full refund.

The Tammy Moissanite Key Pendant Necklace
The Tammy Moissanite Key Pendant Necklace

Shine bright like a diamond

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