Casen Platform Sandals - Nude
Casen Platform Sandals - Nude

Casen Platform Sandals - Nude

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YALL ARE GONNA LOVE THEM! These are the Casen Sandals. I named them after my BFF Carissa's kiddo! I also have the James Sandals coming out because we couldn't leave him out!

Back to the Casen Sandals: they are sturdy but not clunky, they aren't super heavy like some platforms can be and the footbed is cushioned! Ok, confession, I am super picky (particular is what I like to call it) about my shoes! Among other things but def about the comfort of my shoes. Maybe it's because I have flat feet. Idk. Someone just told me that recently so I don't know what it means really. But I can tell you this: these are super freakin comfortable and when I was picking them out, I almost passed because, even though I loved the sandal part, I did not want another flat platform! I was so excited to see these shoes with that slight elevation! IT. WAS. PERFECT! 

ok, now the bad news? I have less of this shoe than ANY shoe. I know. I know. ill try to get more. i just noticed that tonight when I was entering yalls DISCOUNT you get if you're on my email list!! Sign up HERE to make sure! We just switched to a new platform and you might not be signed up anymore! We hear that a lot lately! 

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