Thursday Top Ten Amazon Purchases!

Hi friends, 👋🏼  

I'm going to TRY to stick to a regular blogging routine! That starts today, with 🎊 Thursday Top Ten Amazon Finds! 🎉 

I love Amazon as much as the next person & I swear I could spend HOURS just scrolling all the neat stuff! I have 604 items in my “save for later” & I love to try super random items and report back! Boy, do I have some stories!! 😬 

I'm going to dedicate Thursday's to showcasing some of the items I find that I love! Let me know if you wanna see more!

We all know it will probably be totally random. Tonight, I started to do a Comfy and Quarantined list & added my fave overnight moisturizer. 😂 Random is better for Becka! 👌🏽And it’s | HERE | if you wanna try it! I don’t typically buy moisturizers from Amazon if they don’t come sealed though! And not just the outside! 

As always, it will all be items that I 100% want for the house, have for the house or wanna test or add to my routines, etc.

I'm going to link everything for you so it's easy to shop!

These will also be shared on my LiketoKnow.It and Instagram (@beckafromkikilarue) stories! 


1. Slippers  2. Loving Tan Mousse 3. Blue Light Glasses

4. Anker Charger 5. Mama Bear Bracelet 6. Ring Video Doorbell

7. Shit Show Doormat 8. Collapsible Cup 9. Wet Brush Hairbrush 

10. Drawer Organizers 







  • Brenda

    I love your amazon finds. I too can get lost on Amazon. I definitely want to see more.

  • Carina Tavares

    I bought that mat for my house! We love it!!!

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