Today's Look

I thank God for spray tans and lashes.
And pretty Kiki LaRue dresses.
And long road trips with fun humans.
And I thank God for good days.
For a chance to breathe. 💕

I didn’t post a ton in social media, yesterday, but I was actually dressed. I know that’s the opposite of how this whole thing is supposed to work. 😬

I’ve been playing dress up quite a bit lately so I’ll post some of those outfits too! And I went to dinner at Marty B’s in a dress that isn’t out yet so if you asked me for a link in my DMs and I didn’t answer, it’s because i got “the look” 👀 in our meeting today, because i stole two dresses early! 😬 #sorry 

Glad I didn’t steal the black & red one and the red one with the layered body. 💃🏻 I will neither confirm, nor deny if Megan Marshall got to purchase it early! But there is one less, in inventory! 😂

:::::Here are my outfit details::::: stop reading if you don’t care. But there are some GOOD DEALS down there!! ⤵️⤵️⤵️

ps: i wear the Lona Maxi 👗 with the slit in the front between my legs. 🦵 You can move it wherever you want. If you’re taller, turn the waist a bit and let it run up your leg. 👌🏽


Earrings: i wore them again today, too!…/…/products/october-hoop-earrimgs



DUPE for bracelet: ♦️♦️ITS ONLY $5 y’all. ♦️♦️ Https://…/B07PZT2CFB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7v…

Necklace: This is my own Kiki LaRue custom piece that I designed myself and manufactured!!…/kiki-larue-collection-santa-fe-…

DUPE for watch:

🧘🏾Still looking for a dupe for the new round faced watch ive been wearing, the last few days. I’ll find one soon!!

Rings: 💎 i wear 3 stacked on one finger. My bffs and i all have matching ones. We got them on a girls trip to NYC. I’m going back to NYC in November. God willing! 🙏🏼


DUPES for rings: this one is real gold and diamonds and still super cheap! this one would have fooled me, minus the signature insignia
My other hand ring is the SERAFINA AND WE JUST MADE THEM IN SIZES 9 & 10 y’all! 👏🏼 that deserves a whole post on its own!! Grab it here, quick!! This is the ring i wear as my wedding band and it’s SO pretty, a year later! I’ll show you in my stories! Silver & Gold are here➡️➡️…/kiki-larue-fine-jewelry-collect…

Shoes: 🛑 URGENT: 🛑 i was looking for the link to this shoe & four 4 pair on sale!!!!! Miller’s rarely go one sale! 😳 💵 They’re usually excluded from promotions!

🎽I just snagged the white ones with the rainbow straps

& these black ones that have a map of NYC on the footbed! They’re exclusives and $60 off with this link: These will become collectors because they’re only produced for one store!!

These rose gold beauties are on super sale too!

and finally, these are the PERFECT summer red!! They would look great with jeans and white tee or a chambray tee, too! Red is a very versatile color!

These are a different color & style but soooo cute & most importantly, they’re WAY ON SALE! 🇺🇸 In staple summer colors too! I got a size 8! Click here: I own several of the espadrilles and just scooped up a pair yesterday!

Happy shopping!! Time to treat yourself!!



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