If you have a prayer request, you can type it below and someone reading this will pray for you.

And if you don’t believe in God, that’s totally your choice but let’s not use this post as a time to discuss that. ((I am gonna pray that you change your mind or I can show you how but right now, join me in whatever you wanna call it.)) What you CAN do is comment with that one special thing that I can cheer you on, for! It can be anything. A moment of silence without kids. Breakfast in bed tomorrow. End world hunger. Your nail shop to open soon. Anything. Judgement free zone, always.


Just know that someone reading this, even at 4:27am, is praying the same prayer you are or cheering for you for that one special thing!


Goodnight y’all! ***also, this is so sad to admit but I’ve only been awake 13 hours. My sleep schedule is so off! I never sleep that late but always stay up late but I’m actually tired 14 hours later! 🤷🏻‍♀️ See y’all at noon tomorrow, church on TV!!! Dress up in your comfiest Loungewear and we will group ZOOM! I’m wearing Olive Barbados and Venice Joggers. Also, my goal was to post this outfit by Sunday and I really wanted to post shout the prayer requests but didn’t want to skip what I promised my staff I would do! Here’s me when I was gussied up, the only day this week. Complete with my Bucees mop shoes & fancy flowy Kiki LaRue Tyler top. I hope that’s the name. It’s super soft & comfortable but still made me feel skinny, so i kept it. Even tho it only comes in plus size, it was super comfy so I kept the 1X. 😬 Also, I’m so sorry if it sells out and also thankful that that happening. My prayer is that it continues!! 

Ok. Post your prayer request or one special thing! ⤵️


  • Renee

    I love this! I’m praying for you and wish you blessings and success.

  • Sara Copowycz

    Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression I’m here to tell you, you are NOT alone. I’m praying so damn hard for you! Keep your head up. This to shall pass!

  • Nam

    Please pray for my best friend, Tricia as she finds peace and comfort and is no longer in pain. She has fought and beaten cancer twice. This third time is no joke and only God will win this battle. Please pray for her peace and comfort 💔.

  • Rhonda KIng

    Please pray that my daughter Chelsea and my son-in-law Chris will be ok during this trying time financially. They have been having a rough time with her not able to babysit or pick up extra work right now. My prayer is that they will come out of this with amazing increase.

  • April Jones

    That god gives me peace in my heart and mind. Anxiety and depression is taking over. Overthinking is taking over. All I want to do is lay in bed and cry, but I know I can’t.

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