Hi friends! 

I'm so excited to share this pancake board with you! I've received tons of messages, comments and DM's about this! I've been waiting for weeks to create this for y'all! However, it's finally here and I hope you love this post! 

The @shopkikilarue girls were having a memorial day photo shoot so it was the perfect time to whip this together! For this, most of the items were bought from the store - the fruits, powdered sugar, orange juice, etc! I found that this was the easiest option for me, and probably for you too! 

I recommend inviting your girlfriends over for brunch, wearing lounge from Kiki LaRue and whipping up a pancake board to enjoy! 

I'm going to link everything I used as far as dishes & cookware below! Let me know if you recreate this and tag me in your post! @beckafromkikilarue, @shopkikilarue, @busybecka, @kikilaruehome! I can be found on all of those accounts! 

Here are the steps I took:

Step 1: 

Gather all of your supplies! Fruits, pancakes, utensils, etc! I recommend putting all of the items you're going to utilize during the process! 

Step 2:

I started putting my pancakes in first - they're the biggest part of the board so it lays the land for you! I decided to lay them in a wave type pattern! You can do anything - hearts, diamond, triangle... it's totally up to you! 

Step 3:

Start adding in the colors! Pop in your grapes, raspberries, strawberries! The options are truly endless and can be morphed to your liking! 

Step 4: 

Put some ice in a tin and pour some orange juice in your glass! If you're feeling extra spicy, add in champagne to make yourself a mimosa!

Step 5: 

Take your pictures and tag me in your posts! @beckafromkikilarue! 

Remember, there is no "perfection" when making these! It's totally up to you and that's why I love them so much! I can't wait to see how y'all remake it to suit you! 


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