My FAVORITE Sunless Tanner

Hi friends! 
Today, I'm sharing my favorite sunless tanners! During this quarantine, it's important to still feel human. That's why, I'm still staying in my normal routine. I think that's what is helping the days pass by. I get up each morning and put on makeup, and get ready for the day just like I would if I was allowed to leave the house! 

Bondi Sands, St. Moriz w/ Tanning mit, Tanning Water, St. Tropez Instant Tan, Loving Tan, Organic Tanning Lotion, St. Tropez Kit, St. Moriz Tanning Lotion 

These are some of the tanners that I swear by! Do you use sunless tanners? Do you love them? Tell me! 
I'll link all these products so you can shop easy! 




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