Dear Diary,

I shot ten product videos today for my cyber friends. The fact that the number was 10 and i didn’t intend on that, makes me happy. I’m weird with numbers. Are you like that? Like, I wouldn’t have wanted it to land on 9 or 7. 😂 Even 11 wouldn’t have been ok.

Weird. I know.
But a win, nonetheless. 😉 

I took all of my outfit pics AND filmed a quick video. Edited all the pics and had them uploaded by 5pm. Maybe Haley had to steal me from other people like 5011 times but we did it & got to witness Crystal & her glove! 😂 Win.

I also orchestrated getting the final crystals on at least 6 chandeliers. I did my master bathroom chandelier, by myself, this weekend and it was really calming to listen to my Audible books and work without being stimulated by my phone. It was actually wonderful. I could focus on what I was listening to. And often, I have to listen to the same book on tape, again and again, because I don’t/can’t/won’t focus. (Audible is LEGIT, if you don’t use it! It saves your spot! 😬) And I had credits so my new book was free. I don’t even know how I got the credits but it was free so heckyes!! 
Also, a win.

I told y’all this morning, Dad’s appointment didn’t get cancelled so I’m thrilled about that! Win.

I changed out an electrical outlet because I didn’t have a phone charger but I knew the new outlets had USB ports & they were in, just not installed. So, I used Pinterest (not YouTube bc I wanted to listen to music) & figured out how to remove safely & switch out the electrical outlets. We need backless or deeper AV boxes. Where can I get some fast? I haven’t learned that part yet! 🤷🏻‍♀️

All of the surveillance is up at the new house and it works like a champ! Every camera sends notifications to my phone. (Also May get annoying) And I can talk through the cameras AND THEY ALL WORKED, the VERY first time and y’all, that never happens! 😂 I’ve always dreamed of being able to control everything in my home from a tablet (now my phone) & I can. I can see my kid when I’m traveling, I can talk to my dog when I’m gone, I can see (and lock down) the house when I’m away, even in pitch black. A HUGE win. And night vision is super cool to watch. 😂

I’m so excited!! Corona whatever. I am excited. And I refuse to let this damn virus steal my joy, today!

I waited my whole life to have my name first on that dotted line. To design what I wanted & then earn the money to pay for it. To not ask someone else for it. I waited my whole life to direct a room full of men & let them know that there is no one else to ask, but me. Oh, their faces. It never gets old. Ever. Even with Corona and uncertainty and quarantines. It feels so good. Selfishly. Unselfishly. Because • I know • I know • I know • the Lord is slow clapping for me. I see it. In my head. Every day. I close my eyes, & I remind myself that HE is so proud.

And maybe a little surprised I made it this far 🤦🏻‍♀️ but most definitely with a 👏🏼 smile 👏🏼 on 👏🏼 His 👏🏼 face! He is proud and I am proud. And I’m replacing my typical feeling of guilt & glutton with pride & best of all, contentment. Even if just for tonight.

Deep down. I know.
I am days away.

It feels good.
Today felt good.
And that’s the biggest win. 💕

Tell me the last time you had a good day?  How was today? I realize those might be two totally different answers, these days. But fill me in! 

Top: only $20 HERE | Denim: Mason Jeans | Shoes: Chrissy Flats | Necklace: Savor Spinning Necklace (in Silver too!) | Ring: Serafina (so perfect for a wedding band! Super sparkly!) 

Here are some pics from my day! 


  • Carissa Deats

    I’m glad you are blogging and embracing the possibility of Influencing. If I’m going to buy something I know that if you recommend or don’t it’s an honest to god opinion. My good day was baking homemade chocolate chip cookies with Casen ! using a mix master I’ve had for years and never used until now. 😂😘

  • Savannah

    ‘There is no one else to ask, but me’ Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Brenda

    Your awesome! Thanks for always being so open and sharing your life with us. It makes my day everyday. You deserve all of that and more.

  • Carina
    Thank you for sharing some amazing news in light of all the ugliness going on in the world today. To read and see your JOY makes me so happy! These are amazing accomplishments. Just being able to not let the world around you bother as you add your finishing touches to your chandelier and listening to your audible is freaking awesome!!! Please keep being you and please keep sharing! We love your story the good the bad and the ugly!

  • MIchele

    I’m so incredibly happy for you and your family! It’s reassuring that things can and will get better if we keep our faith even during the hardest of times.

    I honestly don’t remember my last good day, I’ve been without a job for over a month now and with this virus I don’t see an end in sight. My mental health is taking the biggest hit for it too.
    As far as today, it was good. I kept myself busy by working on laundry and picking up the house.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I truly look forward to seeing your updates every day.

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