Best Dog Collar EVER!

Hi friends! I know this is so random but I started writing a Facebook post about this topic and I thought to myself, "my internet friends would really love to know this for their own dogs!"

So, sometimes I will pop on here and share a quick post with some items I DIE FOR! I'm sitting at my desk at the new house working on a REAL desktop! This is actually so calming. The radio is playing and I can share links and not feel any pressure from the notifications on my phone! So dumb, I know. But Im super overwhelmed and writing this is really calming. I know, I said that already.... 

I need a new computer desk but we will discuss that later. 😑

Anyway, if you asked me 4 years ago (in Sept.) if I would ever want to talk about, much less make an "official blog post" about a dog collar, I would have laughed at you and told you that I don't even like dogs. 

Then I got my Henry. 

My spoiled babydog. 

I know. WHO AM I? 

But for real. My dog is king. I even got a different color couch that I don't want because I know I wont be able to tell him no when he wants to lay on it! It is SO hard to keep your animals off the couches.I get it. And to keep them inside!! But I wouldn't have ever thought it would be this big of a problem until we moved to "the country" and everyone has huge dogs with (no leash sometimes) & my dog has zero fear. He's gunnin it if you give him a chance! 

So I had to share THIS! There are few items in the world I would deem LIFE CHANGING but this DOG COLLAR is life changing!! This is the exact dog collar we are using on Henry! I need to figure out a way to save this stuff in one album on my Facebook page because we are finding some really good stuff as we move to the new house!

Y'all know our dog is notorious for blasting out the front door and staying gone, usually when we have ten people over and are trying to leave! This week, I've shown y'all on my Instagram stories how he doesn't budge! We didn't use the shock feature but Ben did it on himself. I dont believe he did. I need to see it again! 😂

But seriously, if you have followed us for more than 24 hours, you've probably seen the most energetic bulldog, Henry Jett Clark. He is wild. And he has no boundaries (because of us) so this collar helps. We ONLY use the vibrating and the ringing feature. But again, Ben said he tried the shock part on himself and it didn't hurt him. I do not want him using it on my Henry because the vibrate part works enough. To each their own. I do like knowing its there "just in case" something crazy happens but I pray that day never comes. We dont keep the collar on him when its just us at home or when we are inside. If we are inside with people over, we DO make him wear it because I dont want him to run out when someone opens the door or a sliding patio door and doesn't realize it. 

I guess this is a big deal for us because you know my wild freakin dog LOVES to run away! We spent a small fortune on this fence around this property because Im so worried he run off! And we got this chicken wire but I feel like he will get bored and dig through it! He doesn't understand that he is short, fat and cannot out run bigger dogs!😂 And he wants to chase everything! 🙄

If you have a dog like that, you need THIS! Between this and the floor vacuum robot thing we use, Im mind blown! Does this mean Im domestic??? 

Let me know if you snag this! And tag me in your stories on Instagram and Facebook. My IG stories don't feed to my personal FB page so you have to click follow on THIS PAGE, so you can see them! I'm gonna start responding to more FB messages than Instagram because I can actually see y'all and form relationships on something more than a screen name! And I can do it from my desktop! i just wish my desktop had auto correct! 

Let me know if you get it or if you have it! Tag me in your stories so I can see too! 

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