Busy Becka is Back!

Hi friends!

Busy Becka is back!


Hopefully more than just today! It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago today, I quit my job/career to do what I wanted to do! Work on my Kiki LaRue full time, and not as a side hustle.

January 1, 2013 was the day that I decided that I needed to put Becka first and follow my dreams. And I blogged about it. I have read that post over and over again from 2013 to recently. 

And then recently, I’ve stopped. I’ve forgotten what I love about this business and Kiki LaRue. It’s been a CRAZY ride, these last 7 years & some days, I feel like it was 7 years of bad luck. Some days, I can’t believe it’s been that long! And everyday, I speed through the day and rarely pause to reflect on what is happening. To slow down and breathe.

For a few months now, I’ve talked to my family and friends about starting my blog again. Not really for anyone else but myself because I feel like sometimes, I don’t post what I want to, on Instagram because I don’t want to care about how many people “like” the post. I just wanna get it out. And I don’t say what I wanna say on Facebook because sometimes social media just makes me feel weird. And Facebook is for Kiki Larue live sales, friends kids pics and awkward memes.  😂 

But in my phone, I have hundreds and hundreds of pages of these blogs that I’ve written over the last seven years and I just wanna share them with you. I love to write and it’s such a stress relief. Being able to document the moment and then reflect on it later, is kinda therapeutic. So I write blog after blog. About crazy things that happen all because I decided to quit my career and start an internet business.

And I save them. Because I knew, one day, I would share all of the details. The good, the bad, the thought you knew but...... Some of them will answer some of your questions and some of them might leave you with more questions. 😬 

It just makes me feel good to be able to tell whoever is listening, this is what I went through. This is how I handled it. Sometimes, it worked. Sometimes, I was an idiot. But here I am. Proof that it’s all gonna be ok. It’s gonna be worth it. 

Now, let me show you. 
While I remind myself. 

I hope you’ll follow along. 




  • Chelsea Powell

    Can’t wait to hear the nitty gritty! Good, bad, glamorous and ugly! We’re here for it and here for you. Ride or dies who will support you through anything!

  • Kaitlin

    This is so exciting. I have been considering a blog for a while for no one else but me. I feel like I can let the words flow when I am typing on my computer. Maybe I’ll start by just making “notes” in my computer and phone. Who knows. But you are definitely an inspiration. Love you tons B!

  • Stephanie R.

    Yay! Share away!!! ❤️❤️ Hate that you have people who publicly don’t support you but who cares, this tribe is strong.

  • Angelique Goodwin

    Wow…. I am so proud & impressed by all you’ve achieved since you left Houston!!! You are amazing!! An inspiration to me, hope to see you again someday – from Houston, I admire and miss you girl ❤️

  • Jennifer Mize

    Looking forward to it!! ❤️

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