What Our Clients Say

If you know me, then you know I only wear KLR! There's no reason to wear anything else! Even as a smaller babe, I have loved everything I have gotten from KLR. I not only love the clothes, but the community of women is like nothing else! I love having the support and love from ALL of them, even our Boss Babe, Becka! She does so much for all of us and is one of the best people I know! Who wouldnt want to support an amazing GIRL boss babe like that?! I am SO glad I found KLR and with all the designs and buying that Becka does, I know that I'll always be right on trend! Not to mention super comfy and cute, to boot! Thanks Becka for ALL you do!!! XOXO!

Marin M - Edmond, OK

Where do I even begin with why I love Kiki LaRue?!?? When I talk about this amazing company, I can’t help but feel happiness and get a huge smile on my face. It truly brings joy to my life and I know that sounds weird for a boutique. But it’s not just clothes. It’s way more than that. It brings empowerment, supportive women, confidence, and so much more to my life daily. To choose a favorite piece or line would be impossible. The jeans are incredible, loungewear is perfect, Rebecca the Label is out of this world. I could go on and on but you just need to try it yourself and dive right in to experience the whole package. You won’t regret it!

Heather M - Cypress, TX

Confident. Beautiful. Sassy. Sexy.  All words that describe the girl in the photo.  The girl in the photo has not always felt that way about herself! Thanks to KLR her confident, beautiful, sassy, fun and sexy side illuminates through!!! I am that girl, and I am so grateful KLR has given me the gift of love. Loving myself, loving my curves, and feeling confident no matter what occasion. Get yourself that KLR confidence!!!!

Lauren B - Galveston, TX

Kiki LaRue is so much more than a clothing store. When I first stumbled upon KLR I had no idea the community I was about to join. I have been shopping here for 6 years, have made countless friendships and have a happy and full closet! Before KLR I had not worn jeans in 3 years. They were uncomfortable, never fit my waist as that is where I carry my weight and if they did they dug into my stomach as I sat down, now jeans are my favorite thing to wear! You are guaranteed to find something that helps fix an area you call your problem, feel confident in what you wear and make friends all over the country when you shop at Kiki LaRue!

Brooke Bragg - Gresham, OR

Why do I love KLR?? The first reason I fell in love with KLR was because I found a company that makes clothes for REAL people!! I’ve been blessed with hips, curves, and legs. When I found cute clothes that fit MY body, I was sold. AND THEN, when I found the Insiders group on facebook and started engaging in this community, I realized it was more than just a clothing company. Fast forward to April 2017, I applied to be a rep and THIS GIRL FROM SOUTH DAKOTA was selected!! I’ve become really good friends with girls from all over the country, AND with Becka. Friends with the owner of a major boutique!?!? How is this real life!? THANK YOU, BECKA. For creating a community of women who are each others biggest fans!! And thank you for you friendship over this last year. Never in a million years would I have imagined this for this girl from South Dakota.

Alyssa C - Sioux Falls, SD

I love Kiki LaRue because it takes you out of your comfort level in clothing. The materials are amazing, quality excellent and pricing is by far better than any mall! Its not just clothing but a group of women who lift each other up and keep their confidence alive. Everyone is helpful with sizing and, heck, you can even find your size twin.

Lori G - Tarzana, CA

KikiLaRue is an incredibly empowering brand. The sisterhood and friendships it has bloomed is unlike any other boutique I've ever been a part of. The confidence that stems from women lifting each other up and embracing each others' beauty....that is changing women day by day. KikiLaRue is way more than just amazing clothing. Although, if you haven't tried KLR denim, have you even lived? No more showing buttcracks by mistake, or being cut in half from uncomfortable waistlines. The Rebecca the Label brand is to die for, and don't even get me started on loungewear! Thank you for being an INCLUSIVE, EMPOWERING, INCREDIBLE brand. For standing for what is right and good in this world, and leading by example. Love everything about this brand and what it stands for. 

Caryssa W - Rosharon, TX

 I love KLR because when I was a size 22 and now a size 10 I till know that whatever I order is going to fit. To have that confidence knowing I’m ordering something and it will hug my body is the the best. I’m not much of an online shopper because sizing (especially for plus size) is all over the place. But KLR teaches me to know my measurement and step out of my comfort zone. Loving every single purchase I have made and not returning 1 single item lets you know how amazing the fit and material is ️ amazing!

Vanessa L - Corpus Christi, TX